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Access to growth capital

Kollect listed in Sweden in order to take advantage of the market opportunity and to raise growth capital in order to be able to do this. It was not only the IPO round which was appealing to the Company though. In the summer 2020, the Company completed its first acquisition as a Nasdaq listed company, and the access to this additional capital was a significant influence for the company listing in Stockholm.


At the core of everything that Kollect does as a company is sustainability. The Swedish people are at the global forefront of sustainability and listing in a market which understands the importance of sustainability, where this is aligned with our long term goals, was incredibly important to us. 

Comparable technology companies

The Nasdaq First North is an exchange where there are a number of comparable companies listed, and understood by investors and analysts. Investors in Sweden’s public markets are well versed in understanding technology companies and marketplaces in particular. 


There is a well established base of investors in Sweden which add to the attractiveness of listing in the Stockholm market. Investors understand the business model and the popularity of investing supported our decision to list - Sweden had the highest share of capital invested in capital markets of any country in Europe, and is nearly double the amount of the Europe average. Shares in companies listed on the Nasdaq First North are also easily accessible to other European investors through popular trading apps such as DeGiro; another benefit of listing on the market.

NASDAQ branding 

As we grow both in Ireland and internationally, we expect there will be a considerable focus on winning commercial clients, not just domestic customers. When entering a market where you are not well known, being a Nasdaq listed company will provide greater credibility for the Company as we look to establish relationships.

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