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What Kollect does


Kollect on demand has two main business areas:

A technology enabled marketplace connecting waste customers and suppliers


Physical compactors with smart technology that are placed on shop forecourts


The Company services two types of customers:


those who arrange to have waste collected (bins, skips and skip bags or junk removal) via the online Kollect booking engine; and


those who use BIGbin smart compactor bins for waste drop-off.

Online Platform


Kollect operates an online platform that connects customers (Business and domestic) with waste companies, using our technology platform, creating value for both sides of the transaction.

A collection customer in Ireland/UK come onto our platform, get a price and book in a job at a date and time that suits them, paying online. They only need to go to one platform for all their waste needs. Once the customer chooses the waste need we then subcontract fulfillment to our waste company partners. For the waste partner our platform brings more revenue/customers and allows them to focus on what they are good at; waste collection, whilst we focus on managing the customer journey. Using our experts in house, we are building the go-to place for waste so that in the same way when people think of audio they think “Spotify”, when people have waste, they think “Kollect”.

BIGbin Waste Drop Off


Within waste drop-off, the Company offers a large, smart compactor bin (the “BIGbin”) installed at different convenient locations throughout Ireland. The BIGbin allows for disposal of domestic waste and serves as an alternative to consumers locked in long-term contracts for collection. Whilst BIGbin is owned by Kollect, it is managed independently from the Platform.

Our Mission

Our mission is “to create simple ways to get all waste collected and recycled globally”. For our online platform, simple means that when a customer (Business and Domestic) has a waste need they find us easily online, receive a quote for the job, a date for collection and the ability to book and pay online. Fulfilment of waste collection is subcontracted to our network of, licensed & vetted waste collection partners. With regards to our other business BIGbin ( , we provide physical compactors on petrol forecourts which allow for customers to drop off their bags of rubbish and recycling. This further ties into our mission “to create simple ways to get all waste collected and recycled globally”

The waste industry is generally made up of four verticals and we serve all of these:

 - Domestic, door-to-door bin collection.

 - Commercial bin collection for businesses such as cafe/hotels and restaurants

 - Container/Skip hire

 - Junk removal, which is one off items such as furniture, mattresses and other large objects.

Our Growth Strategy

Our growth strategy for the online platform is a City-by-City approach, only focusing on cities that have 3 of these 4 verticals privatised (where customers pay the waste collectors directly and there is no municipality involvement). In the UK and Ireland there are 75 target cities and a population of over 40 Million within these cities. The size of the addressable market in the UK alone is €9 Billion or 96 Billion kr per year.

Our growth strategy for BIGbin is a mix of partnerships with independent retailers and a mix of the big multiplies like Circle K throughout Ireland and the UK. As of March 2021 we are on 31 sites in Ireland and we have identified a further 270 that are suitable/Viable for BIGbin.

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