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Our Technology

Kollect has focused on applying the latest available technology to provide simple (“low number of clicks”) solutions allowing customers and waste providers solutions suitable for the unique needs of our customers and partners.

This included the development of online applications for commercial customers that allows the Project Manager, Site Manager, Facilities Manager or Procurement Team the opportunity to manage their bookings in a 100% self-service manner.

For our domestic customers a suite of different interfaces allow our customer to book in their PAYG Wheelie bin collections or to manage their Junk Removal or use our drop-off BIGbin facilities via SMS, Phone, App and Online Platform making it a solution available across all platforms befitting every types of customer rather than a one solution fits all.

Our Delivery Partner focused solutions allow Human Capital Management, Job Delivery/Management, Schedule Management, Fleet Management, Disposal Recording and Financial Management using a combination of an App and Online Platform.

Our Retail Partner partner focused solutions provide opportunities for our retail partners to reduce inventory held, track order delivery, financial/order reporting and reduction in cost. These solutions allow our retail partners to provide a more holistic solution to their customers using Kollect platforms ensuring customer satisfaction for all parties.

Our goal continues to be, to make it simple for the customer to connect with the services they need with the least amount of complexity and in a manner that suits their needs.

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Some Key Highlights of the Solutions






Job Tracking/Management
24/7 Access
API Integration
Financial Reporting
Waste Tracking/Reporting
Multiple interface opportunities
Stay informed of Job progress
Low Technology Interface

Kollect at it core is focused on providing solutions which allows our customers to save time and effort in booking a waste service across the markets we serve e.g. giving our customers the best possible prices on Skip Hire avoiding the need to ring multiple providers or providing Junk Removal services allowing our customers to simply sit back and point at  the items that need to be collected.

The variety of interface options allow our customer to focus on the important things while we support them with their waste needs. Our providers are all vetted and tested allowing our customers to focus on the things that matter.

So try one of our technology solutions and see how it will save you time in understanding the best solution for your current needs and book it in a few easy clicks allowing us to provide the service to you quickly, seamlessly and quietly.

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