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Digitalization of an offline industry

Kollect is revolutionizing the waste industry;  typically an offline, old fashioned industry, by using our 21st Century Technology and customer experience. We estimate that globally, while increasing, only 0.5% of waste is currently booked online, compared to e-commerce typically being between 15% - 20% of an industry. This trend in itself provides a natural opportunity, especially for Kollect which is at the forefront of the digital revolution in the industry. 

Business and domestic customers are increasingly looking to simple, online solutions and to be able to book online and from their smartphones. COVID-19 has been a catalyst for normalizing online purchases, and given our expertise and experience, we are well positioned to continue to take advantage of this shift.

Historic Growth

Despite only being a young company, Kollect has consistently delivered prolific growth in both top line revenue and gross profit. It has long been a core principle of the Company that we will continue to reinvest in our growth, in order to take advantage of the significant opportunity that is in front of us. 


Experienced leadership and management team

At a Board level, the Independent Chairman is one of the most well respected financiers in Ireland. Johnny Fortune was the CFO of Skillsoft, the first Irish Company to list on the NASDAQ in the USA and was on the leadership team there as the company grew from 20 to over 2,000 employees. Johnny was then subsequently a Director of IBI Corporate Finance before co-founding Pegasus Capital, both firms are leaders in the Irish Corporate Industry. 


Stefan Wikstrand is the CFO of G5 Entertainment, a prominent gaming company in Sweden which is listed on the Nasdaq Main Market. Stefan brings a wealth of public markets experience to the Company, as well as supporting the Company’s long term strategy.


Maoiliosa O’Culachain is a successful entrepreneur and financial advisor with experience. Before his current role as a Partner at Fola Partners, Maoiliosa worked for NASDAQ in a business development capacity, helping support companies in the listing process, with a specific focus on the Nordic region. Maoiliosa is also a qualified solicitor. 


John O’Connor is the CEO of Kollect and is a prominent entrepreneur in the waste industry in Ireland, having already secured one successful exit from a prior company. John has over 15 years in the waste industry and it was this understanding of the industry that meant he could see the opportunity for a technology focused company to lead the way. 


The board and management team are disciplined and able to execute on a deliberate strategy, as this strategy is communicated to the market. As an example, at the end of Q2 2020, the Company announced a focus on higher margin revenue, and a focus on recurring revenue. The graphs below, show this execution.


Size of market

The size of the waste market in Ireland and the UK, the Company’s first two markets, exceeds SEK100BN per year, and is growing at a compound annual growth rate of ~3%. As consumption grows, so does the waste created. No matter where you are in the world, everyone creates waste, and that isn’t about to stop. 

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