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Always Dreamed of Being Your Own Boss ?

Are you a happy, upbeat person? Do people like to be around you? Do you have that cheerful, get-it-done type of grit and determination? Would you like to be a part of a company that believes in you and can help you with your big plans for the future?

Our partner course takes you from novice to expert with a mixture of classroom and practical training. You’ll be out on the truck learning from the best, so you feel fully confident and ready to run as soon as your first customer signs up.


We are the waste industry experts and give you the marketing, systems and support you need to launch and run your business. You’ll have all the essentials plus a wide range of additional support to get you started and help you grow. We will also help you secure your waste permit.

Junk is a €20m business in Ireland alone, and it is only getting started.

Our story has been heavily featured in a wide range of national press. An affordable opportunity with high return potential.

Kollect Junk is a low-cost franchise with tremendous growth potential


First let me start by introducing myself, my name is John O Connor and I am CEO and Co-founder of Kollect . In my 20’s I started my first waste company called BIGbin. Fast-forward ten years later to 2016 my co-founders and I started Kollect with the mission “to create simple ways to have all waste collected and recycled globally, always exceeding customer expectations” . I've also been a Franchise owner and operator, so I know what it is like to have that exciting feeling, sitting at the kitchen table and deciding that YES, I am going to do this.

If you’re interested in a Kollect franchise – it’s probably because you’ve been thinking about being your own boss for a while. You feel you have that ‘extra drive’ that all entrepreneurs have. This will allow you to successfully own your business and call your own shots. You want to write your own story.

Step one of our company mission, creating “simple ways to have all waste collected and recycled” is accomplished by allowing customers find us easily online. Our continued focus on improving the customer journey, in which a customer thinks of a waste need and then immediately tries to fulfil it as quickly as possible typically through an online transaction. 

The second part of our vision was “to always exceed customer expectations". Good companies make profits, but great companies also win people over. We have built a company based on a core set of 4 values: Honesty, WOW service, Responsiveness and a Can-do Attitude.

1) We can successfully scale the platform using third party providers. Over the past 4 years we have gained unique experience in managing the customer journey from booking to fulfilment. This experience is hard fought.

2) We can attract and retain staff that fit our culture and believe in our mission.

3) We always “WOW” our customers. “Wowing” is essentially obsessing over the customer. Here we focus innovation on continually adding value to our customers.

Customer service isn’t a department in Kollect, it’s the backbone of the company. It wasn’t that we set out with this grand plan to outdo competitors in terms of customer service. Yet by 2020, we had done hundreds of thousands of jobs while maintaining a top customer service rating. Our culture really stemmed from us simply appreciating that customer base so much that we would do absolutely anything to look after them. We didn’t want to upset even one. In the early days, that meant giving out our own phone numbers, answering calls from 7 am to 11 pm 7 days a week. We would have a meeting each morning to discuss where we fell down yesterday in regards to our service and introduce processes to ensure it wouldn’t happen again. Nothing, not profit, nor our time came before making sure those customers got excellent service and I think it paid off. We are now the best rated waste company or dare I say it, just the best rated company.

Fast-forward to now and Kollect is the fastest growing waste company and winner of numerous awards including best start up in Ireland at the BOI National startup awards. Apply today and find out if you’ve got what it takes to secure a Kollect franchise. Dozens upon dozens of our team will make their fortunes with our company. I want that to happen to you, too.

Are you beginning to understand my opening questions: "Are you a happy, upbeat person? Do people like to be around you? Do you have that cheerful, get-it-done type of grit and determination? " You can't make an industry exceptional without people who make other people smile.

If you're one of those people – and I think you are – you need to get in touch now!

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