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Here at Kollect we are always committed to maximising diversion of waste from landfill, reducing carbon footprint per collection and supporting local business.

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Landfill Diversion
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  • Our partners bring waste materials to licensed commercial recycling facilities

  • We work with them on prioritising disposal facilities with the highest landfill diversion

  • Each of their daily disposals are logged and receipted

  • Ensuring we have a robust waste audit trail for every collection

Lower Carbon Footprint
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Here at Kollect we offset each customer’s waste collection emissions by committing to fund woodland through the Go Carbon Neutral initiative. We believe being part of this campaign is the first step to transitioning Ireland to become a global leader in the fight against climate change, led by companies like Kollect in an inclusive, meaningful and enjoyable way while creating a lasting legacy of restored Irish woodlands.

Socially Responsible
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  • There are already enough collection vehicles & skip lorries

  • We don’t need to add more trucks to the roads

  • We just have to make existing resources work more efficiently

  • Kollect’s technology helps makes this happen

  • By connecting local operators with capacity to nearby demand

  • Cutting fuel miles per collection & keeping business local.

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